Makoro Uchiha

Makoro Uchiha

Makoro Uchiha is Madara Uchiha's 3rd brother. He is also the oldest, 7 years older than Madara. He has unusual red hair, and has long hair similar to Madara. Makoro was the first person to achieve the mangekyou. Madara tried to kill him, but failed and Makoro nearly killed him. Makoro told him he was too weak, and Madara got revenge. After Makoro got married and went to Konoha, Madara used the Nine-Tails to try to kill him. Heshirama Senju was good friends with Makoro, and went to help him. Once Makoro and Heshirama fused their sharingan and body powers, they used the rinnegan and controlled the Nine-Tails. Now, Makoro is living in his temple and is waiting for Madara to attack. (He is now 91 years old.)

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